Doris Day - I'm Not at All in Love текст песни

Текст песни I'm Not at All in Love - Doris Day

"Love, are you nuts?"
"Some people can't tell when it hits 'em!"
All you gotta do is say hello to a man
And they've got you whispering in his ear
All you gotta do it seems is work for him
And they've got you going beserk for him
If there's a guy you merely have a bicker with
They've got you setting the wedding date
It seems they've just gotta have some dirt
To bend your ear with
So before you start
I hear with... state
I'm not, at all in love, not at all in love, not I
Not a bit
Not a might
Though I'll admit he's quite a hunk a guy
But he's not, my cup of tea, not my cup of tea, not he
Not an ounce
Not a pinch
He's just an inch, too sure of himself for me
Well of course you've noticed his manly physique and that look in his eye
Well I'm sure he can cut almost any man out of size
He must he as fierce as a tiger when he's mad
And I'll bet he cries like a little boy when he's sad
But I'm not at all in love, not at all in love not I
Not a straw
Not a hair
I don't care if he's as strong as a lion
Or if he has the rest of you sighing
You may be sold but this girl aint buying!!
She's not at all in love, not at all in love, oh no
Not a pin, not a crumb
Must be the summer heat that gives her that glow
'Cause she's not at all in love, not at all in love, she cries
Not a snip, not a bite
Must be the light from the ceiling shining there in her eyes
He's young and handsome, and smart, and we can't get over it
But this ladies heart he doesn't effect a bit
It's easy to see that her taffy grin is a grin she always wears
And she's breathless because she ran up a flight of stairs
She's not at all in love, not at all in love, not she
No I'm not
Not a nut
Not a touch
No not much
When I fall in love, there will be no doubt about it
'Cause you will know by the way that I shout it
Your shouting
I haven't fallen
She hasn't fallen
She's not at all in love


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