Antibody - Shrimps текст песни

Текст песни Shrimps - Antibody

Everything you need
Are all this shrimps
Covered in mud
Crawling in blood
Blinded by your greed
Puny man awaits
Counts time to feast
Consume only rotten meat
Imaginating the wealth
And winning of life
Odour smuggles the truth
By the nose through your mind
But gluttony makes you blind
You want to eat forever
Blinded by your greed
Blinded by gluttony
Oh the irony
The perfect irony
Man became a victim
Choked to death
Give to man illusion of luxury
And let the vomit do the rest
Another puny man awaits
Counts time to feast

Antibody - Shrimps 2.0
Альбом Shrimps 2.0
дата релиза

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