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Jimmy Dean - All Time Greatest Country Hits
Альбом All Time Greatest Country Hits
дата релиза

1 Big Bad John
2 Bumming Around
3 Pt-109
4 The Cajun Queen
5 To a Sleeping Beauty
6 Deep Blue Sea
7 Steel Men
8 Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight
9 Skip a Rope
10 This Old House
11 Iou
12 Little Sandy Sleighfoot
13 A Thing Called Love
14 Little Black Book
15 Please Pass the Biscuits
16 First Thing Every Morning
17 Sam Hill
18 The Cowboys Prayer
19 The Wildwood Flower
20 A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose
21 Frilly Shirt
22 I Won't Go Hunting with You Jake
23 Angel in a Apron
24 Let's Pick up the Pieces (And Start Over Again)
25 Sixteen Tons
26 Precious Memories
27 Little Bitty Big John
28 The Farmer and the Lord
29 I Gotta Sing My Song for You
30 Dear Ivan
31 That New Old Fashioned Love
32 Drinking from My Saucer
33 Nine Pound Hammer
34 Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette
35 The Reverend Mr. Black
36 These Hands
37 I Didn't Have Time
38 Grasshopper Maclain
39 Waking up to Love
40 Touch of the Master's Hand

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