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Текст песни National Address - LSD

I'm always balling
My life's a dream, i'm never yawning
I heard the calling
We LSD, and we important
Our style imported
You can't afford it
You better know that
We topping charts, We'll never hold back
You should onthou that
We just on a hustle, tryna make it
All these Haters watching but they never say shit
We just tryna make music an Occupation
Yall dont have our backs, thats why i aint repping my nation
Go abroad, dont @ me when i am famous
Im abroad, different city, better phases
What it cost, Vote Amushe for elections
How the fuck our president living off pensions
Im angry
The system isn't making people happy
Druig my met n Gun, because Im standing
Nobody at all
I pray the whole entire government should motherfucking fall nigga
My niggas and I man you know we grind a lot
Told me not to stop till we have enough
Government keep the change so we never had enough
Niggas throwing shade and the woman show us love
I've listened To your songs and your bars don't offend me
Niggas are like dogs that can't bark basenji
All the shows we get all the woman be attending
We the best group and you know there's no comparing
Singing ass nigga now you rapping again
You know its LSD you not better then them
We never do the action all we do is complain
Government doing nothing gattaz beating again
Poverty on the rise politicians getting fatter
Nigga I won't vote cause this shit ain't getting better
This Country has no money but they eating all the cheddar
I can't trust all this niggas they just change like the weather
Everyday in the news all u hearing is the money talk
We never paid attention so we dunno what we really lost
Niggas always selling' dreams til we found out what it Really cost
Hage outchea chillin with a Mexican billi boss
Cops whippin G7s red n blue lights on
Got niggas scared as shit coz we tryna our night on
Man I'm really disappointed
Un-educated people being appointed
First they beat a mother
Then they kill a TAXI
Then we lost a brother
NDF trigger-happy
Old niggas gotta fall this is our generation
My Parents ain't rich, we just living on the pension
But it's None of our business, shit that hage mentioned
Man It's LSD I Know this track GON cause tension
We had heroes but, most of them dead now
Alli chucke grys SWAPO still the winning head now

Авторы: :leigh Williams

LSD - The Underrated but Dedicated Project
Альбом The Underrated but Dedicated Project
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