Scriptonite feat. Gee Baller - PARANOID текст песни

Текст песни PARANOID - Скриптонит , Gee Baller

Bitch I′m just sliding (Sliding)
No crew with me
Moving solo, paranoid
But I'm still kicking
Watching behind me
Something might be fishy
But I still ready for business
This expedition
Jump on the stage like the new addition
Take no permission
Had to go and get it like the man on a mission
Bitch I was made for this
Some call it luck but I worked hard for this
Come a long way from dealing narcotics
Nah, let me tell you a story how we came down to this
Back then in ′06 I was ten years old
Making moves for the OG's never switched up
I kept it silent, no lose lips
Fast forward to the day I got clinched
On Sunday morning, my Momma woke me up
I jumped out of bed still yawning
Geipped my backpack and hit the streets
Boy I was running, down to the bando
Took like 4 bricks it's time to pay Jow Lando
I hit him up and I said
Yo boy, whats poppin?
Tell me whats the word, where you at, whats happening?
Gee we about to blow off, we all set for the drop-off
I′m with the connect to link me up at the kebab shop
Alright word, I′ll link you up in a minute
Something was off and I could feel it
But thats my homie though
I might be tripping
So I pull up at the spot sit and even
Then I start wonder like Stephen
My homie let me out here to the Garden of the eden
I'm getting snaked out
Last thing I heard was the cops pull up
And they feel a take out, anybody
So I said to myself
I′m not letting nobody get the best of me till the death

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