Doris Day - Be Prepared текст песни

Текст песни Be Prepared - Doris Day

Help an old lady cross the street
Always be sure your room is neat
Get up and give someone your seat
And you'll be a real good scout
Carry a girl's books home from school
Don't lose your temper, play it cool
Always obey the golden rule
And you'll be a real good scout
So, listen to your dad and mother
And learn that one good turn deserves another
Help with the dishes every night
Try shakin' hands and stop a fight
Remember two wrongs don't make a right
And there isn't any doubt that
You'll be a real good scout
Be prepared
Be prepared
Be prepared
And you'll be a real good scout
Be prepared
Be prepared
Be prepared
And you'll be a real good scout
Just love thy neighbor like a brother
You'll find that one good turn deserves another
Be prepared
Be prepared
It's great to be alive, and that's
Something to sing about
It's fun to be a real good scout

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