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The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones In Mono (Remastered)
Альбом The Rolling Stones In Mono (Remastered)
дата релиза

1 Paint It Black (Mono)
2 Mother's Little Helper (Mono)
3 Blue Turns to Grey (Mono)
4 As Tears Go By (Mono)
5 Gotta Get Away (Mono)
6 Talkin' 'Bout You (Mono)
7 Cool, Calm & Collected (Mono)
8 In Another Land (Mono)
9 2000 Man (Mono)
10 Going Home (Mono)
11 Doncha Bother Me (Mono)
12 Sittin' On a Fence (Mono)
13 Sing This All Together (Mono)
14 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadow? (Mono)
15 She Smiled Sweetly (Mono)
16 Under My Thumb (Mono)
17 My Obsession (Mono)
18 Citadel (Mono)
19 Let's Spend the Night Together (Mono)
20 Flight 505 (Mono)
21 Miss Amanda Jones (Mono)
22 I Am Waiting (Mono)
23 Complicated (Mono)
24 Please Go Home (Mono)
25 Take It or Leave It (Mono)
26 One More Try (Mono)
27 What to Do (Mono)
28 Something Happened to Me Yesterday (Mono)
29 Connection (Mono)
30 High and Dry (Mono)
31 All Sold Out (Mono)
32 It's Not Easy (Mono)
33 Out of Time (Version 1) (Mono)
34 My Girl (Mono)
35 Now I've Got a Witness (Mono)
36 Who's Been Sleeping Here? (Mono)

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