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The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones In Mono (Remastered)
Альбом The Rolling Stones In Mono (Remastered)
дата релиза

1 Out of Time (Version 2) (Mono)
2 Ruby Tuesday (Mono)
3 Back Street Girl (Mono)
4 Out of Time (Mono)
5 Goin' Home (Mono)
6 Lady Jane (Mono)
7 Stupid Girl (Mono)
8 Mother's Little Helper (Mono)
9 Paint It Black (Mono)
10 I'm Moving On (Live) (Mono)
11 Blue Turns to Grey (Mono)
12 Good Times (Mono)
13 That's How Strong My Love Is (Mono)
14 The Last Time (Mono)
15 Hitch Hike (Mono)
16 Mercy Mercy (Mono)
17 Surprise, Surprise (Mono)
18 Little Red Rooster (Mono)
19 Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin') (Mono)
20 Heart of Stone (Mono)
21 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Version 1) (Mono)
22 Off the Hook (Mono)
23 Pain In My Heart (Mono)
24 I'm Alright (Live) (Mono)
25 As Tears Go By (Mono)
26 Get Off of My Cloud (Mono)
27 Route 66 (Live) (Mono)
28 The Singer Not the Song (Mono)
29 Look What You've Done (Mono)
30 You Better Move On (Mono)
31 I'm Free (Mono)
32 She Said Yeah (Mono)
33 The Spider and the Fly (Mono)
34 Play With Fire (Mono)
35 The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (Mono)
36 Cry to Me (Mono)
37 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Mono)
38 I Can't Be Satisfied (Mono)
39 What a Shame (Mono)
40 Down the Road Apiece (Mono)
41 Can I Get a Witness (Mono)
42 Tell Me (Mono)
43 Carol (Mono)
44 I'm a King Bee (Mono)
45 Little By Little (Mono)
46 Mona (I Need You Baby) (Mono)
47 You Can Make It If You Try (Mono)
48 Honest I Do (Mono)
49 I Just Want to Make Love to You (Mono)
50 Route 66 (Mono)
51 Walking the Dog (Mono)
52 Around and Around (Mono)
53 Time Is On My Side (Version 2) (Mono)
54 You Can't Catch Me (Mono)
55 Down Home Girl (Mono)
56 Susie Q (Mono)
57 If You Need Me (Mono)
58 Grown Up Wrong (Mono)
59 Congratulations (Mono)
60 Under the Boardwalk (Mono)
61 It's All Over Now (Mono)
62 Good Times, Bad Times (Mono)
63 Empty Heart (Mono)
64 Confessin' the Blues (Mono)
65 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Mono)
66 Now I've Got a Witness (Mono)
67 Talkin' About You (Mono)
68 Cool, Calm and Collected (Mono)
69 Time Is On My Side (Mono)
70 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Mono)
71 I Am Waiting (Mono)
72 Miss Amanda Jones (Mono)
73 Complicated (Mono)
74 Please Go Home (Mono)
75 Take It or Leave It (Mono)
76 What to Do (Mono)
77 Who's Been Sleeping Here? (Mono)
78 Something Happened to Me Yesterday (Mono)
79 Ride On, Baby (Mono)
80 Connection (Mono)
81 High and Dry (Mono)
82 Think (Mono)
83 It's Not Easy (Mono)
84 All Sold Out (Mono)
85 My Girl (Mono)
86 Flight 505 (Mono)
87 Yesterday's Papers (Mono)
88 One More Try (Mono)
89 Gotta Get Away (Mono)
90 She Smiled Sweetly (Mono)
91 In Another Land (Mono)

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