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I hate love
I don't want
It anymore
I keep banging
On my head, as
It keeps knocking
On my door
I said, I hate
Love, I can't
Take it
Yea my heart
Can't keep on
Fighting, yea it's
Getting really sore
I said, what
Is love? know
I've said that
Once before
Yea I'm looking
For a reason
Girl you've got
To give me more
These days of
Solitude are
Starting to
Get real dull
My future
With you start
My skull
I can't complain
Besides the
Fact that it
Ain't real
It hurts so
Bad that you
Don't feel
The way I feel
I put my all
Into these
Songs try to
Impress you
It's just a
Step to get
You in my bed
Undress you
I'm such a fool
For them eyes
Your quirky giggle
You grinding
Hard but you
Still working
On your figure
Oh switch it
Up, now I'm
Moving back
To Cali
Let's go out
On another
Date like when
Harry met Sally
Go on another
Roller coaster
Go and choose
Your ride
We're in a
Galaxy far away
So you must
Choose a side
Use the Force
To grab my heart
And move that
Shit at will
You got me
Feeling like
I'm shooting up
And popping pills
On another
Plane of
Existence feeling
I don't know if
It's the solution
But does love
Make it feel better
I hate love
I can't take
It anymore
I sat back and
Played the victim
I won't do
That anymore
I said, I hate
Love, I don't
Want it
Used to soar
On cloud nine
Now I'm falling
To the floor
Go and peep
My screenplay
Can you see
The status quo
I know you've
Been with many
Dudes, but still
You ain't a hoe
I see the beauty
In you, but you
Cower because
I'm real
And when I
Actually see you
Yea this side
I do conceal
People say
Don't save you
But I'll trot
In like a stallion
And if you have
A rough day
Baby you can
say what happened
Paint a pretty
Picture with your
Words you
Serenade me
And if I send
This song to
You, just know
The liquor made me
Fucking hate
This love shit
Got me feeling
Well can you
Fucking blame
Me for the girls
That told me lies
Trying to
Flip the page
And begin a
Different chapter
And since I
Lost my grandma
Time insists on
Moving faster
Beat is
Fucking fading
So I guess
I'll just end
Hey girl from
My past could
You be more
than a friend
Know you got
You've been
On my mind
But like I said
Before you're
Way too cool
To waste your time

Авторы: Christopher Vincent Sheats, Christopher Vincent Sheats Ii

Unown - I.H.L
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