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Текст песни Me & Unown - Unown

Here we are
Again, it's
Just me and
Only been a couple
Minutes, look
How strong that
You have grown
Look it's just
Another day, me
Myself and Unown
Yea I like who
I'm becoming
Because I never
Was alone
Look around
The room, I'm
Surrounded by
This feeling
Never have to
Hide myself again
I'm done with
The concealing
Come around
The way, take
A peek, what
You reading
Chronicles of
Yea these people
Start believing
Never looked
Too far, didn't
Know what
I was missing
Now I finally
Know the truth
I knew that you were
Always listening
Busy in the
Day, but I'm
Free like
Every evening
See me smile
As I write this
Note, I think
I know the reason
And me, got
A really
Good thing
Yea I let him
Do the rhymes
And now I try
My best to sing
Vocal lessons
Never had that
Let me string some
Different chords
Got a mic from
My damn brother
Said get busy
Hit record
Feel so close
To you
What else
Can I do
Sorry I'm
Hard headed
But it's you that
I have chose
Yea I'm about to
Make a comeback
You can call me
Derrick Rose
Snatch the mic
And then I kill
It, these emotions
All transpire
Yea this feeling
That I have for
You, I know it
Won't expire
I don't see it
As I'm waiting
I'm just here to
Help you grow
We don't have to
Know the future
Take your time to
Heal, move slow
Got me giddy
Yea my brother
Asked me, when'd
You get that smile
Tried to tell me
I'm in love
But I said no
I'm in denial
Can't refrain
From all these
Feelings, tell me
How do they develop
Told my doctor
I feel nauseous
Do you think I
Need a checkup
Are you having
Trouble breathing
Can you stand
Up on your own
Told her no
I can't do nothing
I just sit here
By my phone
Are you stressed
Have you been eating
Have you stuck
With your routine
Then she said I
Caught the bug
Well could you tell
Me what that means
Oh it's quite
A damn
Phenomenon, I'll
Give an explanation
What you're feeling
Is a wonderful
And magical
People say
Term is love
Told her no
That is unlikely
Because it feels
Just like a drug
I sat back and
Yea I used to
Say I'd never
Used to hate the
Thought of love
Now tell me girl
Do you remember
Feel so close
To you
What else
Can I do
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you
Close to you
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you
Close to you

Авторы: Christopher Sheats

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