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Текст песни Tete-A-Tete - Unown

We're both
A mess
Who knows
What's best
For now
We're both
A mess
We just
I talk like I
Know it all
I'm positive
I don't
I say that I'll
Get rid of
You, and know
I really won't
Scared of these
Feelings that
I really
Can't explain
I think I know
The word, but
Will I use it
I refrain
I text
You avoid
But you started
All of this
I can't get you
Out my mind
And I don't
Even reminisce
First I day dream
Go to sleep
All these thoughts
Are now connecting
Yea I do this
For myself
This is my time
For my confessing
Care too much
And in the
End, I found
Myself like you
Just a horrible
Damn mess and
I don't know
What else to do
Do we clean up
And start over
Or do we take
Our time apart
Yea I know you
Ain't my girl, then
How'd the hell
You get my heart
Guess I gave
It willingly
And yet I never
Had a clue
Now I'm questioning
Myself, like
Why the hell
I'm stuck on you
I've found reasons
Also flaws, but
In the end I
Made my choice
Yea ignored all
Of the signals
And I canceled
Out the noise
We're both
A mess
Who knows
What's best
For now
We're both
A mess
We just
I'm sure
I want to cry, but
Guess these tears
Have all dried out
I deleted, blocked
Your number, all
These methods
I've tried out
Is it too much
Did I bug you
Guess I'm getting
Quite annoying
All my chances
I've dismantled
All these dreams
I am destroying
Guess I'll put my
Phone on silent
Keep it locked
Do not disturb
Yea I think I know
The answer, guess
I'll get straight
To the curb
If it's not me
In the end
I really hope you
Find your worth
In my eyes you
Are a beauty
Not deserving
Of this Earth

Авторы: Christopher Sheats

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