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Текст песни Issues - Zamani

You′ve got issues that you gotta treat asap
We're all fighting demons in our closets ain′t nobody perfect
If you've got issues that you've gotta treat, don′t stop.
What you don′t kill today will come bite you tomorrow
Yea, yea
Admit it we all have our sins
There's no point denyin′
Many struggle with addictions
But are you even trying
Fighting with our fears
Conquered by desires
A lot of us spiral down
So what you gonna do about it?
There's no time, no time for wishful thinking
What in the world will you do, do about it?
You′re wanting not to implode
I'm in no place to judge nobody
Condemn nobody
But the way I see you livin′ in your own body
It's got me feeling sorry
Think deep you should
Take time
Think of what you are
Think of who you could be
Don't tear yourself apart
Someone better, yes, you could be
Yea, yea
I don′t claim a perfect human
The perfect human, no
We are made of our decisions
We become our choices
Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea...
So what you gonna do about it?
There′s no time, stand up take control
What in God's name will you do, do about it?
You wanting not to implode
You say you wanna be a fly guy
So you′re a fly guy
You want to chop like no, no restrictions
You don't set standards but you wanna be somebody
Yes yea
Somebody, pray no
(Ain′t no superman gonna save you from you)
Gonna save, gonna save you
(Ain't no Superman gonna save you)
Gonna save you, gonna save you
But you gonna what you gonna do
(What you gonna do?)
What you gonna do?

Авторы: Joel Zamani

Zamani - Issues
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